Gin is a type of brandy originally from England, the name comes from the Dutch "gene ver". Its production process is similar to that of vodka, it is made from the distillation of unmalted barley, but unlike vodka, gin is flavored with juniper berries and then "botanicals" are added. The different gin producers add some particular botanicals, some of these can be citrus, floral, spicy and herbal. The large number of botanicals that can be added make the production of gin a very complex process, since a single gin can contain botanicals of all existing types. In recent years, gin has become the distillate par excellence for alcoholic drinks. Combined with tonic, it has given rise to the Gin-Tonic explosion, becoming the most famous and complex alcoholic combination, since new types of Gin-Tonic are made every day with new ingredients, combining different gins with different tonics. In the gourmet section of The Fine Spirits Corner you can find a selection of the best tonic to combine with our excellent gins, whether national or imported.

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