GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND INFORMATION OF INTEREST It is located in the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona, between the Catalan pre-coastal mountains and the plains that reach the Mediterranean coast. It is divided into three sub-zones: Upper, Central and Lower Penedés. Wine production dates back to Roman times and important archaeological remains in the area give good proof of this. After the phylloxera plague, a group of local landowners from San Sadurní, nicknamed “the seven wise men of Greece” imported the methods used in France to combat phylloxera and replanted vines with American vine stock. CLIMATE The influence of the sea and the sun make the Penedés an area with a warm, Mediterranean and mild climate. The diversity of microclimates contributes to this area producing wines of excellent quality. SOIL, GRAPES AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR WINES. As usually happens in high-quality wine-producing areas, the soil is poor in organic matter and not very fertile. The lands are deep, permeable and retain rainwater well. Exceptional quality wines are made in this area, they are made with traditional grape varieties but also with others recently introduced. White wines are usually very fruity and fresh, while rosés have a bright color and great fruit character. The reds, aromatic and intensely colored, are soft and velvety.

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