GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND INFORMATION OF INTEREST It is located in eastern Spain, in the province of the same name. It's a D.O. very heterogeneous and produces a great diversity of wine styles. It is divided into four sub-zones. The presence of wine dates from before the arrival of the Romans but with their arrival it became more relevant and the city of Sagunto stood out as an important export center. Numerous Muslim poets extolled the excellence of these wines in their day and the large number of amphoras, jugs and goblets found in various towns in Valencia prove the importance of wine during Arab rule. CLIMATE It is fully Mediterranean, mild and humid, although the marine influence is less pronounced in inland areas. SOIL, VINES AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR WINES Brownish-lime soils predominate in the Alto Turia subzone, located between hills and ravines. It provides bright, fresh and fruity white wines, which are obtained from the Merseguera variety. The Clariano subzone has reddish-brown soils. It gives excellent young rosés and reds and uses the Monastrell variety. In the Velentino subzone, the main varieties are Malvasía, Pedro Ximenez, and Moscatel, here the Muscatel de Valencia is mainly grown. This wine is produced in the Moscatel sub-zone of Valencia. This area produces sweet, fortified and rancid wines with great personality and highly appreciated worldwide.

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