GEOGRAPHICAL SITUATION AND DATA OF INTEREST The area of ​​the D.O. de Toro is located in the southeast of the province of Zamora and includes part of the Tierra del Vino, Valle de Guareña and Tierra de Toro natural regions. During the Middle Ages they were granted royal privileges that allowed the marketing of their wines in cities where the sale of other people's wines was prohibited. Toro wines were also exported to the New World. During the 19th century, it exported large quantities of wine to France to alleviate the shortage caused by phylloxera. The 18th century arch of the clock stands out in Toro, of which legend has it that wine was used instead of water in the mortar for its construction, since it was cheaper than raising the water from the Duero. CLIMATE It is continental extreme, dry and with scarce precipitations, extending the period of frosts from October to May. SOILS, VINES AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR WINES. The soils are yellowish-brown with good drainage and water retention capacity, poor in organic matter and low in minerals. It has a native variety that is Tinta de Toro. The red wines are purplish in color and have a good body. The rosés made with a mixture of Tinta de Toro and Garnacha are redcurrant in color, with fruity aromas and a good finish on the palate. The whites made with Malvasia are sumptuous and perfumed.

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