Pisco is a typical brandy from Peru and Chile, made with certain grape varieties. In the case of Peru, it has been produced since the 16th century from the distillation of fermented wine from Albilla, Italy, Moscatel, Torontel, Mollar, Negra current, Quebrenta and Uvina. It can be an aromatic pisco or not. Distillation can be carried out in stills such as Cognac, in stills with a wine heater or in an artisan “falca” made of brick and mud. This last type of container is the one that produces a higher quality pisco. In the case of Chile, the pisco produced in this country is similar to that of Peru, although native Chilean grape varieties are used and are classified according to the final alcoholic strength. In Chile, different cocktails have been developed from pisco such as Piscola (pisco with cola), Pisco-sour (pisco with lemon) and Sirena Libre (pisco with papaya).

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