American whiskey, along with Scottish and Irish, is one of the most recognized in the world, but to consider is American whiskey must follow specific rules. First, obviously must be manufactured in the United States of America, and secondly, it must be distilled from corn 51% or more. Following these guidelines, we can find up to 4 different types of bourbon, that not only are classified by geographic, if not how to understand the production of whiskey. The different types are: -Bourbon, probably the most typical for its sweet taste due to charred barrels where it is aged. -Rye, to develop this type of whiskey you need at least 51% rye instead of corn, so you get a deeper and spicy whiskey. -Corn, this kind of whiskey is not very popular, but very quirky, and to be drawn with at least 80% corn and there is no aging time set. -Tennessee, the peculiarity of this whiskey is not finished the drink is filtered through charcoal acre, obtaining a smooth and sweet whiskey. Tennessee has only two distilleries, George A. Dickel and the famous Jack Daniel's Distillery.

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