Vodka is one of the best-known spirits in the world. It is originally from Russia and Poland, but today there are several disputes between these two countries over the specific origin of Vodka. This drink is basically made with water and ethanol, to which starchy plants such as potatoes, rye or fermented wheat are added. The manufacturing process consists of the following steps; grind the grains, distill the mixture, filter the impurities and dilute the result in water to lower the alcohol content. With regard to distillation, we can find vodkas distilled numerous times, from a minimum of two (Smirnoff vodka), up to 9 times (Jean Marc XO), going through 4 (Belvedere) or 5 distillations (Ciroc). Most vodkas do not have any flavor or aroma apart from ethanol, which is why it is very popular to combine with juices or soft drinks.

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