Olive oils

Olive oil is a type of vegetable oil highly valued for culinary use. It is extracted from the olive or olive since it is basically made up of oil, so it is easily extracted by pressing the olive. It is basically a Mediterranean product and an essential element in your diet, Spain being the world's leading producer, produced in large quantities in the Jaén region. Olive oil contains numerous health benefits: it is an antioxidant, helps reduce cholesterol levels, lowers blood sugar levels, strengthens bones and, above all, satisfies our body's nutritional requirements. For all this, we can say that olive oil is one of the most valued products in the world and one of the best oils in the world is produced in Spain.

Aceite Pons Verge Extra

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Aceite de oliva ecológico de categoría superior obtenido directamente de aceitunas y sólo mediante procedimientos mecánicos. Extracción en frío. Botella de vidrio

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