GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND INFORMATION OF INTEREST It is located to the north of the province of Toledo, bordering Ávila and Madrid, between the Sierra de Gredos and the Tagus River, being crossed by the Alberche River. CLIMATE It is extremely continental, with long and cold winters, but protected from the north winds by the Sierra de Gredos. SOIL, VINES AND MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR WINES The terrain is gently undulating, made up of sandy soils of granitic origin, acidic and with very little lime, which increases the finesse of the wines produced there. The vast majority of the vines belong to red varieties, Garnacha tinta as predominant and Cencibel or Tempranillo, whose cultivation is increasing progressively. Mainly red, rosé and double-paste red wines are produced, very suitable for double coupages. They are wines with a high alcohol content, the rosés are fruity and have beautiful colours, the reds are rich in tannins, very good-bodied, meaty and smooth.

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