Rias Baixas

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND INFORMATION OF INTEREST There is a belief that the albariño was brought in the s. XII from the Rhine by the monks of Cluny and hence it has some trait of the German variety of Riesling. The vineyards covered by this D.O. They are located in the province of Pontevedra, (Galicia) and are divided into five sub-zones. The most prestigious white wines in Spain are produced in this area. CLIMATE It is eminently Atlantic, with abundant rains practically all year round. The estuaries penetrate the landscape softening the climate. Due to the high humidity, the Albariño vines are grown on vines raised above the ground in order to avoid it and get good aeration and exposure to the sun. SOIL, VINES AND MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR WINES The soils are of granitic origin, permeable and deep. Native varieties are cultivated, the main Albariño followed by Loureira, Treixadura (white) and Brancello, Caiño, Espadeiro and Fenia ink (black). The Albariño is an aromatic variety of great delicacy and origin of these famous wines. Wines made from Albariño are pale yellow to greenish with herbaceous and floral aromas, the aromas may also recall apples, fennel and mint. They are complex and elegant glyceric in character.

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