It is located in the north center of the province of Tarragona. (Catalonia) is located between the countryside of Tarragona and the Lands of the Ebro. To say priory is to say craftsmanship, tradition and wine of great fame and quality, it is one of the most appreciated wines in the world. CLIMATE It is continental in nature, dry and hot in summer and cold in winter, in general it is a drier and cooler climate than that of the Tarragona coast. SOIL, VINES AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR WINES. The soil is poor in organic matter, the vines are grown on steep slopes and slate terraces with low fertility and very difficult cultivation. The Mazuelo red grape is the key to the current priories, Garnacha is also cultivated to a lesser extent. The area's reds are born from these two varieties, wisely mixed. They are garnet-colored wines, with aromas of nuts and ripe fruit, they are velvety wines with a dense and rich flavor, warm and with notable tannins. The rancid wines are the classics of the Priorat, of an intense golden color, with an infinite number of olfactory sensations, with a rich and long-lasting palate, revealing its aging in double barrels. The generous wines are obtained from varietal mixtures of the area with Pedro Ximenez, they are sweet on the palate, pasty and balanced.

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