The Uclés wine region occupies a large part of the western area of ​​Cuenca and some municipalities in the province of Toledo. Don Quixote "praised wine so much that he was over the moon" and surely it was the wine of these lands that the ingenious hidalgo praised so much. CLIMATE, SOIL, VINES AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF ITS WINES The climate is continental with long and very cold winters with temperatures below zero and hot summers reaching more than 40 degrees. The region's windiness discourages elevated vineyard areas. The soils are varied, some of them have different geological zones, some are made up of dolomitic limestone, others are of gentle relief and others are made up of Tertiary deposits. The crop is developed mostly in dry land. The red varieties are: Cencibel or Tempranillo, Red Garnacha, Merlot and Syrah. It is established that only the vines of these varieties and with at least six years of age can show belonging to this D.O. The young wines are harmonious as a whole, with adequate organoleptic qualities and aromatic richness. Young barrel-aged wines undergo a short aging period. In crianza and reserve wines, they have deep, dry and meaty aromas.

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